Why Is My Ping So High But My Internet Is Good?

When you face lag issues during online games, you probably face a High Ping issue. Ping is a quantity of latency. There is nothing more frustrating than playing multiplayer online games with your friends when randomly, during the sessions, your fps (frames per second) fall.

There are several factors that impact internet ping speed. You’ll need to understand the components and how they can affect your online gameplay. Internet connection quality, insufficient bandwidth, pc or mobile settings, online gameplay settings or some other factors which directly affect your Ping.

Why is my ping so high? Some reasons for your high ping: router’s firmware is up to date and where they are placed, Internet connection quality, inadequate bandwidth, geographical location, the configuration of firewalls, number of connected devices, using VPN and running background apps.

There are some ways which can dramatically help you to get rid of the high ping issue. I can show you these ways. This article will discuss 11 superb ways broadly practised to eliminate high-ping issues. I’ll show you my favourite tricks.

What Is Ping?

Ping is a network utility that indicates the signal sent out across the network to another device. This signal measured is ms(millisecond), which refers to how long a packet of data travels from a computer to a server on the internet and gets back. Ping measurement is the latency between the server and its computer. In online gaming, ping refers to the network latency between a player’s computer and the game server.

How To Measure Ping Speed?

Using the most common online speed test, Speedtest.net, you can determine how responsive your internet connection is (fun fact: Speedtest was even featured in one of the Iron Man films). A ping of 20ms or less is regarded as excellent, but one of more than 150ms may cause observable lag.


What Do “low ping” and “high ping” indicate?

Ping below 100ms(millisecond) is average for most broadband connections.

  • Low Ping: low ping means less lag, and less lag means your online gameplay with run smother as butter. Low ping amounts between 50ms to 100ms range from professional to poor ping. 10ms(0.01s) indicates professional ping, under 20ms(0.01s) indicates pretty decent ping, 20ms-50ms(0.02-0.05s) indicates perfectly average ping and poor ping vary from 50ms-100ms(0.05-0.1s).  Below 100ms is considered a good ping.

  • High Ping: on the flip side, high ping indicates a long lag. It also means that you have a very poor internet connection. 100ms and up is considered high ping. 100ms-300ms (0.1-0.3s) indicates unplayable ping, and some online games will reject your connection. For real-time strategy games or multiplayer games, you need to stay below 150ms.

Low ping is always better than high ping. Lower the ping and feel better about gameplay.

Is High Ping Good Or Bad?

High ping will make you disappointed. A high ping affects a network delay, which will lead to a bad user experience. High ping indicates a poor internet connection, directly affecting online gameplay, especially in fps(first-time shooter) gaming. 

Even after upgrading your equipment, you still suffer from high ping values. 150ms and up are considered high ping. For better gameplay, consider your ping below 100ms.

Top 7 Reasons That Your Ping Is So High!

1. Quality of ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Your ISP isn’t delivering the same service and features, and there are multiple reasons to consider – including speed, latency, price, data, ability and many more. An ideal ISP should constantly prioritise its customers and provide the highest quality network. 

A  bad ISP may be using poor equipment or not setting up proper cabling at your home. As a result, you will experience high ping and bad connectivity. For multiplayer, some tournament games, or live broadcasting, ideal upload speeds are closer to the 3 Mbps level.

What Can You Do About It?

If your router has gigabit Ethernet connections, you can use Ethernet cables to connect your computer and other gaming equipment directly to the router. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they also support direct, reliable, low-latency connections.

2. Internet Connection Speed

Your internet connection might be slow. If you get less download and upload speed, the ping response time is also delayed. Your Internet suffers during peak hours when the load is large. 

If your ISP follows the Fair Usage Policy, they can take legal steps on your bandwidth. It could be an interference issue between your router and device.

What Can You Do About It?

Most ISP offers discounts for bundles of three in one service or more such as internet connection, TV and telephony. Try to avoid multiple services on one line. It will create a negative impact on your online connection times and latency.

3. The Number of Connected Devices

If your router serves too many devices at a time, your ping will be high. At the same time, an average router can’t handle a high traffic volume. The router will freeze if you overload it with lots of connected devices. 

Streaming high-quality videos consume a lot of bandwidth. Even someone checking up on their emails will have little impact on your ping.

4. Inadequate Bandwidth

For example, you should check that you have enough upload bandwidth if you’re streaming games. It will take longer for data to be sent out and then returned if there is insufficient bandwidth, which will cause excessive ping (latency) and, most likely, lag while you play. 

Most online gaming upload speeds of 1 Mbps are okay. However, ping rates are more important in dealing with latency problems.

5. Distance From Router’s Location

If your network is downstairs and you’re gaming upstairs, it will significantly affect your ping, especially if your house is big. You will experience ping delays if the router and the device are in different areas. Walls reduce connectivity, and your device won’t get accurate connectivity through the router.

6. Geographical Location

Pinging a server will return a greater value if it is farther distant from you geographically. For example, you are in the UK  and trying to reach the United States server. People are significantly more likely to have the finest gaming experience if they live close to the server.

7. Background Apps

While you are playing online games, you’ve got a lot of apps running in the background, and they could be downloading significant updates, which will negatively affect your ping. VPN services also cost a large amount of ping. Make it a habit to close any unnecessary apps before you play any games. 

Top 11 Reasons How to Improve Ping?

To reduce high ping in online games, I have gathered 11 different techniques. You can try these techniques, as one strategy might be appropriate for a certain person, but another might not. Let’s have a look:

1. Tic Delivery Optimization

  • Open Settings (Shortcut: Windows key + I)

  • Go to Update & Security

  • Select Delivery Optimization (left side)

  • Turn off Allow Downloads from other PCs


2. Turn Off Metered Connection

  • Settings (Shortcut: Windows key + I)

  • Go to Network & Internet

  • Click on Wifi (left side)

  • Now, Click on the connected network

  • Turn off Metered Connection


3. End Task of High Network Apps In Task Manager

  • Open Task Manager (Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + ESC)

  • Click on Network

  • Right-click and End task of high network un usage apps


4. Turn Off Location Tracking 

  • Go to Location Privacy Settings from the windows search box and click on it

  • Turn off apps to access your location


5. Enable Game Mode

  • Go to Game Mode Settings from the windows search box 

  • Then, turn on game mode


6. Update Network Adapters

  • Open Device Manager

  • Click on Network Adapters

Then update your network adapters.


7. Flush DNS Cache

  • Open Windows Power Shell (Run as administrator)

  • Type  ipconfig /flushdns

  • Hit Enter button


8. Use Ethernet Cable instead of Wifi

Practically every online gamer out there advises using Ethernet Cable rather than WiFi to connect your PC to the Internet. Therefore, a high ping speed may be caused by using WiFi to access the internet.

9. Bring Your Device and Router Closer

By bringing your device and router closer to one another, you can definitely lower the ping speed.

10.  Limit The Number of Devices Connected

The filter on your computer might be permanently removed. Your mobile device can be unplugged since you won’t need it while playing online games. Likewise, turn off any gadgets that are not now in use. This is one of the finest methods for lowering ping in online games and eliminating latency.

11.  Restart Your Router to Fix High Ping

Even though it seems simple, rebooting your router occasionally does the trick. Restarting your router is always a good idea if it has been on for a long time to increase download speed and lower ping in online games.

To maintain a seamless experience while playing online games, use these ways to lower ping.

Does A Gaming Router Lower Ping?

Not quicker. The idea of a gaming router is mainly promotional. Although it contains more features, its usefulness is questionable. The internet is not required for playing games. Most people are limited to 10 Mbps. Some call for 25 Mbps. Any router can do this function as long as your internet service package allows it.

In general, WiFi doesn’t significantly raise the ping. These “ping spikes” are the issue. The packets clash when two devices broadcast at the same time, and both must be retransmitted. New packets and retransmitted packets may interfere.

Final Words 

For online gamers, the high ping issue is very frustrating. Most people face this problem with their internet connection. There are some factors which will help you to reduce the ping. In this article, I have mentioned 11 reasons for how to improve ping. This will surely help you to lower your ping. However, if you are unhappy with the ping speed, you should express this problem to your Internet Service Provider’s customer support team.

Please let us know in the comments which of these suggestions or techniques helped you lower the ping in online games.

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